1. Membership shall consist of at least 5 members (including the Chair). Preferably, this committee shall have representation from each Division that offers online or hybrid courses. The Dean of Instruction may serve on this committee as an ex-officio member. Members are expected to report the outcomes of committee meetings to their respective Divisions.
  2. Ex-officio members do not vote on matters before the committee.
  3. All committee members should have some experience teaching online or hybrid courses.
  4. A quorum shall consist of one half of the committee membership.
  5. Monthly meetings shall be held during the Academic Year, except in December and May.


  1. Recommend procedures and standards for distance learning and hybrid courses/instruction.
  2. Recommend training for faculty teaching online and hybrid courses.
  3. Identify degree programs appropriate for online instruction as requested by Division Chairs or the Dean of Instruction.
  4. Recommend introductory orientation modules/courses to the current LMS approved and supported by UNM.
  5. Advocate for funding (e.g., stipends, licenses, professional development, etc.) for online or hybrid instruction.
  6. Utilize institutional data.
  7. Participate in online and hybrid course peer reviews, to provide teaching support and feedback, as requested by Division Chairs or the Dean of Instruction.


Monthly meetings will be held during the academic year, except in December and May.


- Online Teaching Evaluation Form


Total Members: 8

1Chair. Will no longer be eligible if changes to the Constitution are ratified.

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Recommended trainings for online or hybrid courses:


2. - Continuing Education, eligible for tuition remission - Telephone number: (505) 277-0077

3. - Graduate Certificate from NMSU, 5 courses (total 15 credits), all online, eligible for tuition remission

4. , 7 courses, duration 11 weeks, all online, total $1100-$1650 (not eligible for tuition remission)

5. Other options:
- EDUC 1996 S. 501 Blackboard for Instructors, 1 credit hour online class, UNM-Valencia
- EDUC 1996 S. 502 Online Curriculum Design and Instruction, 3 credit hour online class, UNM-Valencia

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